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Herbal Allies luscious creams are carefully formulated to address specific skin needs and contain at least 72% organic ingredients. Since we use the ingredients in their purest most natural state you could even eat them, although we don't recommend it! The density of the creams makes them very versatile. Our customers can use them in their full, rich form or after a toner or bath to disperse them. Both our Calendula Butter and our Sensual Rose Cream are great full body emollients.

Calendula Butter   2oz jar $24
calendula butterExceptionally soothing body cream made with the finest natural ingredients, including floral hydrosols, aloe vera, calendula-infused jojoba and olive oils, shea and cocoa butters, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, and essential oils. Calendula Butter makes a wonderful all-over moisturizer, after-shave, or belly butter for pregnant mothers. Perfect for a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, dermatitis, sunburn, chafing, expediting the healing of wounds, and for the treatment and prevention of rashes.
Sensual Rose Cream   2oz jar $24
Rose CreamSpecially formulated for dry, sensitive or mature skin, this emollient blend will soothe your skin and your soul with its deep rose scent. Contains herbal hydrosols, aloe vera, oils of apricot seed, coconut, jojoba, evening primrose, kukui, rose hips seed, and St. John's Wort, vitamins E & A, and essential oils. Excellent as a moisturizing face cream, use full-strength or diluted with a preliminary splash of a toner. The high-quality ingredients of this mostly organic cream were chosen for their well-known rejuvenating and reconstructive abilities. An exceptional cream for menopausal women or for anyone who loves roses.


Calming Friend    
Gentle assistance for stressful times. Tincture of skullcap, coastal wood betony, blue vervain, passionflower, and the flower essences of red clover, red rugosa rose, & pink tecoma.
Digestive Assistant    
For acute situations and chronic conditions. Tincture of dandelion, fenugreek, cardamom, angelica seeds, calendula, mugwort, chamomile, horehound.
Happy Liver    
Our livers always appreciate more help! Tincture of dandelion, milk thistle, burdock, Oregon grape root, calendula, chickweed, cleavers.
Immunity Guardian    
Most effective when used for several months at a time. Tincture of echinacea, astragalus, turkey tails, Oregon grape root, fenugreek, cleavers, cedar.
This blend will help you get there. Tincture of California Poppy, valerian & skullcap. Not to be used during pregnancy, lactation, by the elderly, or those with heart conditions.
Cough Syrup   $12 - 4oz  
This soothing expectorant is a preserved decoction of Yerba Santa, grindelia, horehound, mullein, and elecampane with honey and brandy.
911-OAK   $12 - 2oz  
A topical spray of native herb tinctures with apple cider vinegar, traditionally used to curb the itch and spread of poison oak rash.
Clearing & Preparing Spray   $15 - 4oz  
An odorless blend of flower essences specifically designed for therapeutic practitioners of all kinds to energetically clean the room between patients. For when smudging is not an option...


Single herb extracts

Common Name / Latin name Part of plant
Angelica - OG
Angelica archangelica
Astragalus*++ - OG
Astragalus membranaceus
Black Cohosh* - OG
Cimicifuga racemosa
Black Haw* - W
Viburnum prunifolium
Blue Vervain* - OG
Verbena officinalis
aerial parts
Borage - OG
Borago officinalis
leaves, flowers
Burdock - OG
Arctium lappa
Calendula - OG
Calendula officinalis
California Poppy - OG&WE
Eschscholzia californica
aerial parts
Cardamom* - OG
Eletteria cardamomum
Chamomile - OG
Matricaria chamomilla
Chaste Tree* - W
Vitex agnus-castus
Chickweed - W
Stellaria media
aerial parts
Cleavers - W
Gallium aparine
aerial parts
Cramp Bark* - W
Viburnum opulus
Dandelion - OG
Taraxacum officinale
whole plant
Echinacea - OG
Ech. angustifolia & purpurea
Elder - W
Sambucus spp.
Elecampane* - OG
Inula helenium
Fenugreek* - OG
Trigonella foenum-graecum
Grindelia - W
Grindelia spp.
flowering tops
Gravel Root* - OG
Eupatorium purpureum
Hawthorn* - OG
Crataegus oxyacanthoides
Horehound - W
Marubium vulgare
flowering tops
Milk Thistle* - OG
Silybum marianum
Mullein* OG&W
Verbascum thapsus
Mugwort - W
Artemesia vulgaris californica
Oregon Grape Root* - OG
Berberis aquafolium
Passion Flower - OG
Passiflora incarnata
aerial parts
Red Clover - W
Trifolium pratense
Skullcap - OG
Scutellaria laterifolia
aerial parts
Stoneroot* - W
Collinsonia Canadensis
Turkey Tails++ - W
Coriolus versicolor
fruiting bodies
Turmeric* - OG
Curcuma longa
Usnea - W
Usnea Spp.
whole lichen
Valerian - OG
Valeriana officinalis
Wild Cherry* - W
Prunus spp
Wood Betony - W
Stachys spp.
flowering tops
Yarrow - W
Achillea millefolium
flowering tops
Yerba Santa - W
Eriodictium californicum
flowering tops
*from dried plant material, otherwise all tinctures are made from fresh plants.
++ double extraction method
OG - Organically grown
W - Ecologically Wildcrafted

Herbal Allies makes other medicines in limited quantities that are not listed here and we are always adding more plants to our repertoire. If you don't see what you're looking for, please call us. Tinctures (in bulk) and tincture blends can also be custom-made.

The products created by Herbal Allies are intended to help you and need to be used with awareness. They are not intended to replace the medical expertise and advice of your primary health care provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with your primary health care provider.

Calendula Flower
Calendula flower

Immunity Guardian

Grindelia flower

Borage flower

Mullein spikes

Chickweed in the early spring

Fennel Seeds
Fennel Seeds